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Framework contract for engineering and analytical services
In-depth recording of the conversion properties
Marburg, Krummbogen
Vitos Clinic Heppenheim, deconstruction
Former wool spinning mill, Kirchheim unter Teck
Head building Bahnstadt Hall02, Heidelberg
Deconstruction of Kölliken hazardous waste landfill, Switzerland
Hildebrand'sche Mill, Weinheim
Old Martin School Ladenburg, deconstruction of school site
Achern former glassworks / groundwater remediation
Bahnstadt Heidelberg, area Bahnhof-Süd, site clearance
Registration of areas suspected of contamination (KVF) / Phase I
Achern former glassworks / Environmental and geotechnical engineering
University of Heidelberg, Psychology Department, Building Pollution Remediation
Physical-biological groundwater remediation, chemical industry
Deconstruction Bluntschlistraße 14, Heidelberg
LCKW plume remediation, Walldorf
Heidelberg Railway City
Orientation exploration (Phase IIa), Spinelli Barracks Mannheim
Rehabilitation Schaedla
Former Maudach landfill, soil vapour remediation
Remediation investigation, planning and implementation former US property Camp Eschborn
Kaiserlei Offenbach - complete gutting of high-rise building
Erlus site Speyer, conversion of old brickworks
Former Dry Cleaning Sandhausen, Biological In-Situ Remediation
Erlensee Langendiebach airbase - dismantling and environmental engineering services
Former military airport Lahr - In-situ remediation
IKEA Wetzlar - Conversion of former cement plant
Hanau - Pioneer Barracks Phase IIa
Making the Stumpf site in Bruchsal ready for development
Former OEG station Schriesheim
Calculation of CO2 footprint Scope 1 / 2 / 3 , selection of suitable offset projects
CO2 footprints for 3 locations in Germany
CO2 footprint and ESG report for the group including approx. 10 independent GmbHs in Germany
Environmental due diligence ("quick check") for a land development near Hamburg
Construction of a multifunctional sealing system at the Ihlenberg landfill site
Project management B-plan procedure "Semiramis industrial park
CO2 footprints for 2 locations in Jena (D) and Jeřmanice (CZE)
Project development business park - Zum Schleusenpark, Datteln
Approval procedure for the capacity expansion of a zinc smelter
Kanonenberg landfill
Superstructure of Schleyerhofweg landfill site
Self-monitoring of Castrop-Rauxel landfill
Closure of former Colonia landfill and new development
Surface sealing Duisburg Hochfeld
Expansion of the Kiel Canal, test field exploration for explosive ordnance
Versmannkai East, site clearance BF 102-110
Conversion of the former BW Hospital Rostrup, Bad Zwischenahn