Laboratory and technical centre

In the company's own workshops, pilot plants as well as complete plants for soil, water and air purification are built, which were previously developed in close cooperation between geologists, hydrogeologists, engineers and process technicians. In our laboratories, we carry out environmental chemical, biological and soil mechanical preliminary tests and determine the parameters for successful remediation as well as the characteristic values for well-founded subsoil appraisals.

Technical Centre

From the concept to the ready-to-operate plant: The possibility of first developing our processes for the purification of groundwater, air and soil in a concept-specific manner for the respective site and, if necessary, testing and optimising them on a pilot plant scale, enables our engineers and technicians to develop the optimal remediation plant for real operation for each site. In our workshops, the plants are completed in container assemblies, ready for transport.


For our in-situ remediation concepts, our laboratories offer the possibility of improved planning and process evaluation and thus considerable potential for time and cost optimisation of planned or ongoing remediation, from which our customers ultimately benefit. New processes are also tested and developed through our own studies and research projects.
  • Detailed planning of the laboratory studies, coordination with the project participants, as well as the execution of the tests in the laboratories of MuP incl. documentation
  • Detailed planning of laboratory studies and selection of suitable sampling sites and sampling depths
  • Soil sampling
  • Experimental setup
  • Experimental procedure, analytics
  • Documentation and evaluation
  • Interpretation, recommendations, concept development
  • Consulting services on environmental and process engineering issues
  • Preparation of deficit analyses on the remediation status and exploration concepts
  • Planning and conceptual design / dimensioning of remediation systems

We solve contaminated site problems on your site

MuP Umwelttechnik GmbH has been competently remediating simple to complex contaminated sites since 1984. We develop environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions, using both proven remediation technologies and innovative processes, which we develop further in an application-oriented manner.
  • Application and development of innovative in-situ technologies and process combinations
  • Structural and geotechnical remediation
  • Optimisation of long-standing refurbishments
  • Project or site-specific problem analyses
  • Drawing up concepts for the examination of suitable remediation measures
  • Variant and feasibility studies
  • Hazard assessments
  • Remediation investigation, planning and tendering.

We advise and accompany your renovation

  • Expert monitoring of redevelopment projects

Contact Person

Laboratory and technical centre Fabian Bobbink