Contaminated site investigation and remediation

Contaminated site investigation and assessment

M&P Umwelttechnik provides expert risk assessments and cost estimates on waste and contaminated site related issues. We develop efficient sampling concepts, conduct orienting and, if necessary, detailed investigations for a comprehensive understanding of the site.

Remediation investigation and planning

Complex cases of damage require an understanding of the damage development. Here, targeted investigations in the run-up to remediation planning lead to a shortening of damage processing or remediation and thus ultimately to cost savings. Our planners and surveyors work hand in hand with our engineers and technicians and thus use the synergy effects for remediation planning and implementation that always focuses on the technical and economic aspects.

Soil and groundwater remediation

Since 1984, MuP Umwelttechnik has been competently remediating simple to complex contaminated sites - from remediation planning, tendering and contracting to plant construction, plant operation and monitoring.


In complex damage cases, knowledge and understanding of the hydrogeological conditions is of great importance for efficient remediation solutions. Tailor-made environmental geochemical studies and individual case assessments, groundwater and transport modelling thus create the basis for successful remediation.