Buotechnics and subsoil

Building plot

Subsoil investigations and foundation reports form the basis for sound planning and cost security. Advice on subsoil risks and foundation issues related to the respective project lead to sophisticated solutions in the construction of excavations and foundations for buildings.
  • Creation of investigation concepts adapted to the special requirements of the construction task
  • Carrying out subsoil investigations and preparing geotechnical investigation reports in accordance with DIN 4020
  • Start-up advice
  • Carrying out soil mechanics laboratory tests and suitability tests
  • Carrying out infiltration tests
  • Specialist construction supervision of earthwork measures
  • Carrying out compaction checks in road construction and earthworks

Geotechnical engineering Geotechnical planning

On the basis of well-founded subsoil investigations, we prepare earth static verifications as well as the planning for various geotechnical structures such as noise protection embankments, excavation protection and pile foundations.
  • Creating 3-D models of the subsurface
  • Execution of earth static verifications according to DIN EN 1997 (e.g. slope stability, foundation failure verifications, static verifications of noise protection walls)
  • Calculations of infiltration systems
  • Foundation optimisations
  • Planning and tendering of earthworks and special civil engineering measures
  • Pre-dimensioning of excavation support systems

Contact Person

Geotechnics and subsoil Frank Riedmann frank.riedmann@mup-group.com