Former Dry Cleaning Sandhausen, Biological In-Situ Remediation

Project details

Former dry cleaner Sandhausen

Bioremediation in situ

Contamination of soil and groundwater by volatile halogenated hydrocarbons (VHH) was detected in the runoff from the former Dr Freund site in Sandhausen. IBL was commissioned with the remediation of the nearby outflow and the monitoring of the further outflow.

Services IBL:

  • Remediation investigation, planning and execution
  • Model consideration of groundwater flow and contaminant transport in the aquifer
  • Preparation, structural implementation and operation of the multi-stage biological in-situ remediation: Enhanced Natural Attenuation, biological multi-phase remediation of the unsaturated and saturated soil zone on a total area of 18,000 m², of which 6,000 m² is highly contaminated, pump and treat (de-icing, biofilter, stripping, UV oxidation)


Marburg, Krummbogen
Achern former glassworks / groundwater remediation
Achern former glassworks / Environmental and geotechnical engineering
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