Deconstruction Bluntschlistraße 14, Heidelberg

Project details

The GGH administration building in the city centre of Heidelberg in the Bergheim district was to be demolished. The closely built surrounding area is mainly used as a residential area. The access to the underground car park was to be kept accessible during the gutting. Immediately adjacent buildings were to be permanently protected, as were the roller shutter door and the access to the underground car park. To prevent vibrations, concrete walls were partially sawn into small pieces.


  • Evaluation of documents, site inspection, sampling concept
  • Technical building fabric inspection
  • Creation of a dismantling and disposal concept
  • Obtaining the demolition permits
  • Preparation of the work and safety plan (ASi-Plan) according to BGR128/TRGS524
  • Planning of demolition work, preparation of tender documents and assistance in awarding contracts
  • Specialist construction supervision Building demolition
  • Site management and documentation


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