Remediation investigation, planning and implementation former US property Camp Eschborn

Project details


On the former "US-Camp Eschborn", high levels of contamination with aromatic hydrocarbons (BTEX), mineral oil hydrocarbons (MKW), polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) and volatile halogenated hydrocarbons (LHKW) were detected in soil and groundwater in the area of the former aviation fuel tank and in the downstream of an oil separator.

Detailed investigation and remediation planning

IBL Umwelt- und Biotechnik GmbH from Heidelberg was awarded the contract for remediation planning and implementation (Phase III). The contract also included a supplementary detailed investigation of the geology, hydrogeology and distribution of pollutants. The aim of these investigations was to close any gaps in the remediation-relevant facts. In addition to an evaluation of all the data available from the preliminary investigations, a total of 67 percussion core drillings with depths between 5.3 and 13.5 m were drilled and developed into 2" groundwater measuring points to clarify the complicated hydrogeological situation. In addition to the distribution of pollutants in the groundwater, this made it possible to draw a detailed picture of the quaternary channel systems present in the subsurface.

Hydraulic-biological rehabilitation

The soil and groundwater damage at the former US Camp Eschborn is treated with a hydraulic-biological in-situ remediation

Remediation is realised via vertical and horizontal flushing circuits in the saturated and unsaturated soil zone. Hydraulic protection is ensured via the discharge of purified groundwater into the local sewer system.

The contaminated groundwater is pumped via four remediation wells constructed in the damage centres. The reciprocal extraction and infiltration of soil air and stratum water/water is achieved in the unsaturated soil zone as well as in the transition area to the saturated soil zone via horizontal wells.


Framework contract for engineering and analytical services
Marburg, Krummbogen
Former wool spinning mill, Kirchheim unter Teck
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