Physical-biological groundwater remediation, chemical industry

Project details

Groundwater remediation Chemical industry

Physical-biological remediation of former tank farm

In the 1980s, contamination of the subsoil with volatile halogenated hydrocarbons and aromatic hydrocarbons was discovered on the premises of a chemical company in Sinsheim. According to current knowledge, the contaminants were released from an underground tank farm that is no longer in operation.

Services IBL:

  • Physical-hydraulic remediation, biological remediation, BTEX and dichloromethane contamination
  • Planning and implementation of bioremediation
  • Pump and tracer tests
  • Laboratory tests
  • Plant and groundwater monitoring
  • Operation and maintenance


Marburg, Krummbogen
Achern former glassworks / groundwater remediation
Achern former glassworks / Environmental and geotechnical engineering
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