Former military airport Lahr - In-situ remediation

Project details

Former NATO airfield Lahr,

In situ remediation

Rehabilitation planning and execution, microbiological in-situ remediation in combination with an advance excavation (+ removal of floating oil phase) in the area of three sources of damage. The scope of services also included Planning, production and operation of a remediation plantImplementation Microbiological preliminary tests for planning and plausibility check of the in-situ remediation of the contaminated groundwater: Biodegradation of CHCs, BTEX and PAHs under aerobic and nitrate-reducing conditions, in the 2 CHC-dominated damage areas dechlorination of tetrachloroethene and trichloroethene under anaerobic conditions, in the subsequent step the groundwater environment had to be aerobicised to enable the degradation of the metabolites CIS and chloroethene, accordingly establishment of several hydraulic flushing circuits for the distribution of nutrients and cosubstrates in the subsurface.


Marburg, Krummbogen
Achern former glassworks / groundwater remediation
Achern former glassworks / Environmental and geotechnical engineering