Former OEG station Schriesheim

Project details

Conversion of the former railway station for residential development

On the former OEG site in Schriesheim, MVV used to operate the OEG railway and bus station with various environmentally relevant uses. Among other things, there was a locomotive shed as well as vehicle maintenance halls and underground fuel oil tanks. These former facilities should have already been removed as part of the site clearance. The resulting excavation pits were backfilled.

Services of IBL Umwelt- und Biotechnik GmbH:

  • Planning, tendering and participation in the award of the excavation measure
  • Waste engineering investigations, evaluation and classification of the subsoil
  • Specialist construction supervision
  • Expert monitoring of excavation work, coordination of waste disposal
  • Geotechnical report and foundation recommendation


Framework contract for engineering and analytical services
In-depth recording of the conversion properties