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Urban development

We know how to develop developed or undeveloped properties. And we do so in such a way that they are sustainable, economically, socially and demographically appropriate and compatible with urban development.

Brownfield development

Land often remains unused for decades despite its attractive location and good infrastructural connections. In order to provide the investor of such a site with planning and cost certainty and to enable sustainable and economical processing of the site, we offer you comprehensive services in the field of site redevelopment and land recycling.

Property development

We support and advise you in the search for new locations, in the acquisition and sale of properties and accompany you in property project planning, development and realisation. We also advise companies, for example, that want to give up their production facilities or continue to use them as part of a sale-and-lease-back programme.

Contaminated sites

Worldwide industrialisation has caused harmful soil changes and groundwater pollution. We ensure professional remediation. Many areas lie fallow today due to soil and groundwater contamination.

We assess such contaminated sites and old landfills in terms of their hazard potential. We then treat them in such a way that the areas are open for future planned utilisation. With our experience and equipment, we can offer you individual phases of treatment or even take over the entire remediation management.

Environmental protection concept

We create sophisticated environmental protection concepts for our customers, always taking into account suitability, necessity and appropriateness.

Environmental protection - not only sustainable, but also affordable

Nature conservation

The M&P Group ensures that your project is implemented in an environmentally friendly manner in agreement with the relevant authorities and in compliance with legal requirements. A team of experts determines the impact, balances the scope of compensation and species protection, and plans and monitors the necessary compensatory measures for you.

Climate protection

With us, you can implement sustainability in your company step by step in a consistent and uncomplicated manner. Our consultants support you with a quick categorisation of your ESG performance, ESG reports, CO2 footprints, ESG and CO2 action plans, among other things.

Project management

Involvement in the selection of participants, the organisation of contract, cost, deadline and quality management as well as the preparation of decision papers and proposed solutions in the event of deviations will help you to successfully complete your projects.


Sealing and building over landfills and old deposits not only opens up new areas for development, but can also make a substantial contribution to reducing greenhouse gases.